Testimonials of our Clients

" I went throught all my hard disk drive and I thought I'd give you some news on the success of the data recovery. As expected, while all files were recovered, many of them were impossible to open for they were damaged and as such, were a total loss. Usually files that were too damage to work properly were grouped together, one after the other, so I would lose file number 0923 to 0929, and then have file number 0930 to 0945 being okay, and so on.I estimate that about 75% of the files were usable. I lost some of my very best pictures in certain folders, but in other folders, I only lost the least important files.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the results (even thought I'm a bit sad about losing some very beautiful pictures). I'll recommend you to all my clients, collegues and friends if I they should need your services someday. By the way, does Stellar Phoenix Solutions offer other services besides data recovery?And while I don't wish to deal with you again for matters such as data recovery (for it will mean lost pictures again, something I don't want to see happening anytime soon, lol), if I ever need some data recovery services again someday, I'll be dealing only with you at Stellar Phoenix Solutions."

Jean-François "Jeff" Blais

Stellar Phoenix Solutions have been very professional, helpful and your prices are reasonable. I took the drive to someone local because I thought it would be faster and you got the drive second.  You were much faster and accurate. I'll be bringing any further work to you folks only.

Thanks again for everything.

Michael Paisner

We have been working with Anisha Gupta and Stellar Phoenix for over 4 year now. They have been very professional and have given us an excellent success rate. We would highly recommend them and will continue to work with them.

Wipro Technologies

"My daughter had been having problems with her Macbook Pro, so we took it to the Apple Genius Bar multiple times. They assured us all was fine. And all was ?? until the computer just stopped working. So I called Stellar Phoenix, who found that dust and debris had clogged the cooling fan and caused my hard drive to overheat. Despite the damage to my hard drive and the connecting wires, Stellar Phoenix recovered every byte of my data. Now that's genius!"

Holly Jerome

As financial analysts we deal with critical data daily. Our business and reputation depend on never losing it. We have experienced HD crashes and had researched various ways to try to protect ourselves against it happening again. But each option had a negative. However, when we were introduced to Stellar Phoenix Solutions we were pleased to learn they have taken a unique approach to the problem of HDD failure and data loss…..easySERVICE. They are highly professional, stand behind their services and offer a fresh, economical solution. We have embraced it for all our business and personal computers and HDDs. And we recommend it to our clients.

Kevin E. Ryan and Stephen Molinelli, Wealth Management Partners

“I had just purchased an entire library of images for my direct mail and promotional products company when disaster struck and crippled my system. Computer repair experts told me that my hard drive containing 25 years worth of images was now a paperweight. But Stellar Phoenix not only found and recovered my images, they saved me a ton of money. So much for that paperweight. Now with their easySERVICE program I feel safer”

Andrea Anepete, A.D.V Promotions and More, LLC

My old Macbook Pro had started giving me some problems, I thought its time for me to purchase a new laptop but I was avoiding the expense. Then someone introduced me to Stellar Phoenix. With the help of their easySERVICE program now my laptop is as good as new and I don’t have any of the old problems anymore. I would highly recommend easySERVICE program as an added value program.

Jessica Renard

Even though Stellar Phoenix Solutions was unable to retrieve data on my faulty drive, the care, attentiveness, and professionalism with which they guided me through the process was first-rate.

Amy Stavis, Tableware Today