White Papers

At easySERVICE™ Data Solutions, we have the proficiency to handle all causes of data loss, from simple to the most complex and catastrophic data loss situations; including human error, viruses, natural disasters, accidental deletion, system crashes, corruption, hardware failure and more from all types of media, devices and systems. Following are set of few questions which our clients have asked us and found useful along with few questions we ask prospects.

White Papers on Computer

  1. What is Bluescreen of death?
  2. Why Does My Computer Crash?
  3. How to keep your Computer secure from Virus and Malwares?
  4. 10 Computer Maintenance Tips To Avoid A Slow Computer
  5. Spyware: the Good, the Bad, and the Scary

White Papers on Cloud and related services

  1. What Your Business Can Learn from Cloud Outages
  2. Amazon vs. Rackspace vs. Microsoft vs. Google… battle to be #1 cloud service provider, but which one is a real fit for you?
  3. Can These Cloud Service Providers Totally Prevent Data Loss?
  4. The Key To Effective Private Clouds
  5. Is Cloud Right Alternative to a Server for a Business?
  6. Is cloud computing the best way for small businesses to store their data?
  7. Is Virtualization right for any business?
  8. What should one trust hard drive or cloud storage?
  9. Is cloud solutions more secure than in-house services? It can be economical but is it 100% SAFE?
  10. Will my Data Disappear When my Online Storage Site Shuts Down?

White Papers on Big Data

  1. Myths about Cloud-based Archiving
  2. Biggest challenge for data storage: Data Growth
  3. Can Cloud keep-up with the rapid increase of storage requirement of its Clients?
  4. Are Backup and Recovery Methods Changing with Time?

White Papers on Data Loss

  1. Costly Mistakes Expose Corporate Data to Unnecessary Risk
  2. Importance of Information Technology in Today’s Business World
  3. Steps to Stop Data Loss from Your Small Business
  4. Is data recovery really that expensive?
  5. Is Mac Really Virus Free?
  6. How to avoid permanent data loss?
  7. How to Prevent Data Loss?
  8. How to Protect Your Data While Traveling?
  9. Leading Cause of Data Loss: USB Drives
  10. Do we all know Malware, Computer Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horses, Spyware, Adware, Rootkits, and other malicious programs?
  11. Leading Cause of Data Loss: Weak Passwords

White Papers on Hard Drive

  1. Warning Signs of Hard Drive Failure That Could Lead to Data Loss
  2. Why Do Laptop Manufacturers Use Inferior Quality Hard Drives?
  3. Why Hard Drive Fails?
  4. What is Good Hard Drive Maintenance Tip?

White Papers on Data Center

  1. How to Qualify a Data Center
  2. Reference Guide to Select a Hosted Solution

White Papers on Backup

  1. The Challenge of Remote Backup
  2. Types of Back-up.. Which one is right for me?
  3. Are You One Of Those That Don’t Backup Your Computer?
  4. Different Ways to Create a Computer Backup for Your Important Files
  5. Nobody likes backing up, but one day up-to-date backup of your hard drive can be a lifesaver.
  6. Almost Forty Percent of PC Users Never Back Up Data

White Papers on IT Support

  1. Are you able to use your IT Tech support or your Managed services provider to full capacity?
  2. How to Select a Data Recovery Service Provider?
  3. Is your data at risk at a data recovery vendor?