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At easySERVICE, we combines industry best practices, emerging technologies, functional expertise, and clearly defined methodologies to assist our clients with software engineering and development, information assurance and security planning, network engineering and management, help desk and end-user technical support, systems engineering and technical assistance, science and engineering support services, telecommunications, data warehousing and database administration, and knowledge management.

Our expert technical advice, business savvy talent and proven discovery process pinpoint the needs of your organization. We deliver high quality solutions – that increase efficiencies and productivity – and enable growth. Unlike other IT firms; we do not provide cookie cutter solutions. We know our clients require personalized attention with a custom built IT solution. Our experienced team of system engineers, solution architects and technicians can support any business goal, add depth to internal infrastructure and provide additional brain-power during critical project periods.

More details on our services can be found below:

  1. Backup Monitoring
  2. Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS)
  3. Cloud Monitoring
  4. Data Archiving
  5. Data Recovery As a Service
  6. Database Maintenance and Support Services
  7. Desktop Maintenance
  8. Device Monitoring
  9. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  10. Managed Cloud Services
  11. Mobile Device Management
  12. Network Assessment
  13. Server Maintenance
  14. Server Virtualization

Our managed services are designed to pro-actively monitor the internal systems of your entire IT infrastructure, so problems can be found before they cause downtime for your business. Leveraging a Managed Services Provider enables a business to access highly experienced, well-trained IT professionals with superior resources at their disposal. This access is often at a fraction of the cost of building an in-house IT support department.

  1. Capped IT diagnostic and technical support costs
  2. Obtain the benefit of a Virtual Chief Information Officer
  3. Avert outages and downtime by proactively monitoring your IT environments
  4. Cutting edge technical expertise for identifying untapped opportunities and plotting strategies
  5. Mitigate the exposure/impact of IT workforce attrition
  6. Project and forecast growth effectively for resource enhancements (memory, CPU, storage)
  7. Allow internal IT workforce to focus on strategic efforts

easySERVICE provides expert analysis of your current IT architecture and teams with your process specialists to consider your business drivers and create a roadmap to a highly-functional and cost-effective future architecture. This teamed approach clarifies objectives and reduces development time to help you achieve your goals more quickly.

Core Capabilities and Key Benefits: Our IT consolidation program delivers strategic guidance and powerful cost saving opportunities across the following areas:

  1. Software Licensing: Understand your risk posture and save on software license and support costs.
  2. Applications: Establish a disciplined approach to change management and expand functionality without disrupting operations.
  3. Mid-Tier: Enhance security and add robust functionality and agility to existing applications.
  4. Database: Harness the power of Oracle Database, consolidate your license footprint and simplify maintenance and management.
  5. Operating System: Determine which operating system is best for you.
  6. Network: Reduce network complexity and strengthen your cyber security posture.
  7. Private Cloud: Leverage private clouds to lower costs and improve ROI on your IT environment.
  8. Servers: Lower energy bills, simplify network complexity and shrink maintenance requirements by consolidating your server footprint.
  9. Storage: Improve performance and storage capacity by leveraging lower cost storage devices in a tiered storage strategy.
  10. Datacenter: Reduce or eliminate the demands of your physical datacenter infrastructure.
  11. Staffing: Evaluate your current workforce and cut human capital costs by 60 percent or more

easySERVICE performs a variety of IT services for Public Sector and Commercial Sector. We analyze your particular needs and design a solution customized for your workplace. We change the direction of your business by focusing on what you do best, creating more value for your organization. We are singularly focused on helping your organization improve and mature.

Our Capability Statement

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