Can These Cloud Service Providers Totally Prevent Data Loss?

When a business utilizes cloud services, they expect their data to be secure. When a cloud service provider, like Amazon, experiences an outage, it can be scary to those that use the service. Outages can lead to unsecured data, such as when Drop box had their recent password issue.
Outages can also lead to loss of data, a major concern of all businesses. Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud had outage issues twice in 2011 and these outages caused some of their clients to lose precious data. So, the big question remains – can cloud companies truly guarantee the safety of data?

All the cloud service providers are also using hard drives for data backup just like all of us and the most commonly used SATA/PATA hard drive on a computer is the only moving part aside from the fans. This means that it is the piece that is most likely to fail. To add the risk of failure due to moving parts the hard drives are extremely sensitive to static electricity and physical jarring or jolts. Unfortunately, it is also the worst possible piece of hardware to lose since it contains all of your data.

While no one can guarantee no loss of data, the cloud is useful – no one can argue that point – however, it has its weak points, one of which is data loss. If cloud service providers can face data loss, so can you.

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