Myths about Cloud-based Archiving

Still concerned about the daunting rumors surrounding cloud? You need not worry as these are mere myths at this stage in adoption. Let easySERVICE™ Data Solutions help you understand better. The aim of a cloud archive service is to provide a data storage environment as a service that is optimized for long-term data retention, security and compliance with data regulation policies.

The advantages of cloud archiving become clear when you look at the cost of implementation and maintenance of private mass archival storage, especially for organizations with large data retention obligations. Ownership of private archive infrastructure is a costly and management-intensive exercise.

Due to the inherently long-term nature of archive storage, multiple hardware refreshes will be required throughout the lifecycle of the data, support contracts must be maintained, and staff turnover taken into consideration. With cloud archiving, by contrast, there are many choices available with regard to how and where archives are hosted and how users can access their archived data.

Common Misconceptions regarding Cloud Archiving

  1. To risky.
  2. Too expensive.
  3. Leads to isolated data, make access difficult.
  4. Migration to cloud is difficult.

These misconceptions are providing to be nothing more than myths. With right tools and right service cloud migration can be made simple. Cloud is proving to be a profitable investment. Those companies have migrated to cloud are realizing benefits like Business agility, IT efficiencies, Cost Savings and much more.

44 percent of IT budgets are spent on Cloud Computing and that will grow to 51% in 2 years.
Source: Market research firm IDC 2012

Data Backup is Not Data Archiving

Data backup should be part of your data management strategy but shouldn’t be considered a viable alternative for storing critical corporate records. Typical corporate backup solutions only take snap shots of active data to recover records that are deleted or corrupt. Backup data, typically is stored for no more than 90 days then discarded or rewritten, replacing old data with new data and essentially erasing all your history in this process.

Even if you kept all of your backup data and kept it stored in an office closet for safekeeping, the data would still be in a “raw” format. The information within your backup data would lack any sort of indexing which is essential for the archiving process. Simply put, there is no easy or fast way to find records when using backup data as an archiving solution. It would be like looking for a needle in a hay stack or reading through thousands of pages in a book to find a specific quote. You would need a lot time and time is not your friend with the evidentiary demands of archiving.

Having the right custom data archiving solution helps businesses be more efficient and prepared for the archiving process and minimizes the potentially devastating impact of litigation. A hosted data archiving solution also reduces the time and resources normally required for internally managing data. You need to preserve your corporate records in an unalterable format virtually eliminating the chance of data loss, destruction and degradation from time. You need a long term, proactive approach for storing and managing the data streaming in and out of your business.

Archiving solutions create copies of data that are intended to illustrate who had access to emails and documents when, and who made which changes at what time. Their interfaces and data exports are designed to satisfy regulators and investigators.
At easySERVICE™, we offer various archiving solutions for all types of data including COLD, back-office, transactional, master, analytical, and e-communications generated from email, social media and instant messages. All businesses have mission-critical data, and many rely on our team of data experts to provide tailored records archiving solutions with easy-to-use supervisory and workflow tools by various options to choose from like

  1. Hosted Archiving
  2. On-premise Archiving
  3. Structured Data Archiving
  4. eDiscovery
  5. Compliance and Supervision

Whether you are looking for Disaster Recovery Planning or big data solutions for your unique IT requirements, we have a solution specially designed for you. No matter the size of your business, you will always get the kind of support that goes far beyond the ordinary.

At easySERVICE™ Data Solutions provides the power you need to compliantly capture, consolidate and manage all of your data anytime, anywhere. We provide a data management platform that preserves and consolidates all of your critical electronic records into a secure and globally accessible archive. This includes computer generated data or reports, image files, order management systems (OMS), customer statements, disclosures and account forms, emails, instant messages and social media. All of your data is accessible to you on a single platform.

We are committed to building the value of the easySERVICE™ brand and we stand behind our service to you. We want to earn your trust and confidence as your “go-to source” when you have disaster recovery challenges.

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