What should one trust hard drive or cloud storage?

Nothing lasts forever. Every single hard drive ever manufactured will die one day, and how comforting that is! It is important that you find local storage or cloud storage providers with whom you can entrust your data. But can we really trust cloud storage for all of our personal information? What about the constant risk of identity theft?

One should consider all Pros and Cons before choosing a physical storage or cloud service. Researchers of easySERVICE Data Solutions have come-up with following study.

Some of the most popular advantages of hard drive over cloud are:
  1. Unlimited storage: The minimum external hard drive is about 320GB and they go all the way up to multiple Terabyte with more options available. The cloud drive data storage is small enough to be used on laptops while having enterprise class features that enable it to be scaled out to the largest organizations.
  2. Privacy: Cloud storage isn't necessarily the safest place for your most important files because it goes through a third party. The only way to be 100% sure your files are hack proof is to make sure they're not stored online.
  3. Warranties: Hard drives usually come with a 3-5 years manufacturer’s warranty of a full replacement. They won’t replace your data but being able to get a new hard drive is still a nice perk. One can always use a trusted data recovery provider to recover this lost data.
  4. Portability: You can carry it around, they are small and handy. Network outages mean the cloud data storage is completely unavailable.
  5. Security: External hard drives can be encrypted so that you can only access them with a password. Some are so savvy that they have finger print readers that only allow you into them.
  6. Endless possibilities: Creating your own Cloud using an external hard drive has a lot of advantages over trusting a third party with your data. Plus you can always add more storage at very little cost.
  7. Performance: Performance of cloud data storage is limited by bandwidth which is not a case with a hard drive.
  8. Compatibility: Cloud data storage providers use proprietary networking protocols often not compatible with normal file sharing on the LAN. The cloud data storage industry doesn’t have a common set of standard protocols. This means that different interfaces need to be created to access different cloud data storage providers. Swapping or choosing between providers is complicated as their protocols are incompatible.
  9. Economical: A basic 1TB hard drive on Amazon is about $100 that breaks down to about $0.12 per gigabyte. Google Drive is offering 1TB of cloud storage for $49.99/mo. or $600 per year. This huge difference helps your budget and allows you to physically have your files.

Some of the most popular advantages of cloud over hard drive are:

  1. Every spinning hard drive will fail. We don't know when, it could be today, tomorrow, or in 10 years but they will all one day experience failure.
  2. It's easier to get files on any device with Dropbox, Google Drive etc and all you need is a web browser.
  3. It’s cheap because it doesn’t require installation, doesn’t need replacing,
  4. Has backup and recovery systems in place hence saves additional cost and planning,
  5. Does not have any requirement of a physical presence and requires no personnel to monitor or maintain.
  6. It requires no environmental conditions, and doesn’t require energy for power or cooling.
  7. It easily replaces large electronic data storage devices like file servers, Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) etc

Source: Business insider

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