Solutions for Home Users

Most of the home users keep their all the important documents on a hard drive, especially with your operating system, leaving it wide open and completely at risk for damage. In today's environment, security should not be just a defense strategy against external threats- it should also deliver proactive protection against data loss from internal sources. If your data is critical, make sure you choose our easySERVICE™ program.

If you don’t backup your computer, you’re hardly alone. But take a moment to consider what is on your hard drive. Family photos, important work documents, e-mails you have saved from friends and family, recipes or maybe something you have worked on for years like a novel or family history. A recent study shows that, while most computer users have lost important data due to PC crashes, over 39% of us have never backed up our files. This could be a result of having too many choices available with a simple home user.

The results were especially surprising, that 82% of those surveyed store large amounts of data in only one place: their primary PC. Our easySERVICE™ program can not only warn and prevent hard drive failure but also gives you access to a qualified hard drive specialist and certified technicians that will handle most issues that can be resolved remotely at your reach 24/7/365.

Our found study shows that most computer users, treasure the information on their machines only without any real back-up. Photos are the most common file types stored, with 55% of users trusting their hard drives with their pictures, music, resumes, documents and even critical financial information.

62% of users said they would spend money to recover lost data, with a significant portion, 27%, stating that they would “pay whatever it takes” to do so. Half also said they would rather give up a year’s vacation time than part with the files on their PCs. Our easySERVICE™ Data Recovery from accidently deleted data (files, images, music, videos) for up to 70% discount can be a perfect solution. All you need is our one simple and economical annual payment plan for total data protection.

Our exclusive easySERVICE™ Service Plan designed for Home Users includes:

  1. Data Recovery
  2. Help Desk
  3. Desktop Monitoring and Maintenance
  4. Cloud Monitoring
  5. Mobile Device Management

It doesn’t matter if data loss was caused by a virus, an accident or malware. For one reduced payment annual program we have the perfect solution.

Even the simplest recovery attempts on a physically damaged drive could render your data unrecoverable. The first recovery attempt is always the best recovery attempt. At Stellar Phoenix Solutions, our engineers use the safest methods available to ensure your data is not lost from repeated recovery attempts. Put us to the test today! We guarantee our service standards.