Solutions for Students

For students starting at university for the first time there’s a lot to take on board; three or more years of hard work is going to be done most likely, on a laptop. Losing access to information stored in a student laptop may easily cause havoc. Our affordable easySERVICE™ program is designed especially to support students on campus.

None of the Universities are fully equipped with a complete 24/7 IT Technical support for a student’s computer maintenance or repair program. Students generally compromise a data loss or spend a fortune trying to fix it. But if that laptop were to crash or get stolen, students could lose all their coursework in one swipe. “With so much going on in a student’s lives, it can be easy to forget to backup work,” says a graduate student. Preventing such a disaster is utterly important.

Stellar Phoenix Solutions is one of the only local data recovery companies located in New Jersey that has come-up with an affordable easySERVICE™ program to solve this problem designed especially for Students many benefits

Our exclusive easySERVICE™ Plan designed for students include:

  1. Data Recovery
  2. Help Desk
  3. Desktop Monitoring and Maintenance
  4. Cloud Monitoring
  5. Mobile Device Management

It doesn’t matter if data loss was caused by a virus, an accident or malware. For one reduced payment annual program we have the perfect solution.

At Stellar Phoenix, we have created our own unique recovery methodology using a combination of proprietary tools. These tools enable us to recover lost data and maintain hard drives from any storage device and any operating system from legacy to state-of-art. We guarantee our service standards.

NOTE:We also have program(s) especially designed for university's staff and faculties for your personal computers and other mobile devises.