Why Does My Computer Crash?

If you have to ask, “Why does my computer crash” then it’s probably okay to assume that you are struggling with the problem of major or frequent crashes. While these crashes may seem random, they never are. There is always a solution to computer crashes and simply pressing the reset button every time it happens is not one of those solutions. In fact, that could make matters worse. Instead, you need to be able to identify why your computer is crashing and fix the root issue. While that may sound daunting, it could be a lot easier than you think.

Before you do anything else, you should always take following steps to see if your problem can be resolved.

Step 1: You want to run your computer’s scan disk option followed by a thorough defragmentation.
Step 2: Run a registry cleaner on your computer.

Your computer makes a mess of itself after a while and you need to run regular scans and defrags as well as clean the registry for old files left behind that do nothing but waste space and memory.

Software issues can be the biggest reasons for frequent crashes after a scrambled registry. There can be a huge variety of reasons why your computer is crashing when it comes to software. However, you should research conflicts between your anti-virus software and other programs before you start deleting files. Consider minimizing the number of programs you use can be a good start. Having too many programs running at startup can just be too much for your computer at times.

One of the most discounted issue behind, “Why does my computer crash” has got to be hardware problems. Hard drive failure is one of the most dreaded things you can hear from a techie. It means buying new hardware and possibly losing your old data if you didn’t back it up. But these failures are often preventable and, at the very least, recognizable. Keep your computer in a cool, well-ventilated area where it won’t overheat or get bumped and knocked all the time. In addition, always keep an ear out for strange noises. Most hard drives will let you know well before they kick the bucket.

If you take the extra steps to help insure your computer’s health, you won’t have to worry about frequent crashes. Just make sure to run a registry cleaner and your computer’s defragmentation software on a regular basis. Most software conflicts are preventable as well so long as you make sure you know of any possible issues beforehand. And when it comes to hardware failure, you always want to be on alert for any signs your computer is giving you. From noises to performance issues, these signs should never be ignored. If you learn how to prevent these problems, you may never have to ask, “Why does my computer crash” again.

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