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Steller Phoenix Solutions LLC was founded with the vision to emerge from the traditional service model of an information technology contractor and accelerate the delivery of product & services to the public sector. As the public sector emerged from the great recession and began to source more remote and cloud based products & services. Through multiple strategic partnerships, the company began to see growth in key sectors while keeping abreast of legislative and economic impacts to government operations.

We received our 8(a), Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (EDWOSB), and a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) certification in July of 2015. Since then we partnered with large software publishers, systems integrators and emerging commercial technology providers to assist government acquisition teams sourcing large product and service needs with a small company attention to detail. Through these partnerships, we also saw strong relationships within government as a trusted advisor, having many government customers prefer to work directly with our customer centric company rather than large manufacturers.

At Stellar Phoenix Solutions, Our approach is to hold a diversified portfolio of contract vehicles that allow our customers to access our services quickly and easily. Contracts can be fully executed within two weeks of receiving a requirement, significantly reducing the procurement burden for our customers. Stellar Phoenix Solutions can receive sole-source IT services prime contracts under any of the following set aside programs. WAYS TO CONTRACT WITH STELLAR PHOENIX

With time we are building our reputation as a customer-centric organization dedicated to serving the needs of our technology providers, government end users, and reseller ecosystem with Solutions for Government.

Stellar Phoenix Solutions has an impressive store of talent and capabilities. Over the years we have strategically expanded to offer digital aerial mapping, GIS, terrestrial laser scanning, subsurface utility engineering, utility coordination, mobile and airborne LiDAR, and hydrographic surveying.

Our complete geospatial approach gives us the tools and skills to develop efficient and customized solutions for projects of any scale. With projects successfully delivered nationwide, the breadth and depth of our available workforce means we are able to accomplish large-scale projects on accelerated schedules

Stellar Phoenix's Survey & Mapping Capability Statement

3D City Mapping

Designed specifically for the toughest demands of aerial imaging projects, Stellar Phoneix offers exceptional aerial-image coverage, accuracy, and image quality. Our cameras offer an excellent cost-effective alternative to traditional large-format cameras for 3D Mapping applications and Easily integrated into a range of mapping systems. Boost your productivity of aerial image acquisition projects with the iXM-RS 150MP camera which provides wider aerial coverage with its ultra-high resolution (14204 x 10652) and the backside-illuminated sensor, it enables perfect image quality, even in low light conditions. As a result, more flying hours a day and more flight days a year can be easily achieved.

Corridor Mapping

To meet the challenge of providing safe and reliable energy, water, oil, and gas supply to markets with increasing demands for critical supplies, utility companies need to maintain existing infrastructure while also planning for future growth. Stellar Phoneix cameras provide a cost-effective high-resolution aerial data acquisition solution used by remote-sensing professionals for modeling overhead lines, structures, terrain, and vegetation features to precisely map manmade and natural terrain features.

Agriculture and Forestry

With an increasing demand for combined NIR and RGB aerial imagery for various applications, Stellar Phoneix has developed a fully automatic solution for capturing and processing 4-Band imagery. Applications include precision agriculture, crop analysis for growth optimization, vegetation health, forestland management, environmental contamination, and more. Our 4-Band multispectral solutions help to spot troubled areas before they become visible to the naked eye. This encourages users to take proactive actions and simplify their workflow.

Stellar Phoenix offers a wide range of services related to land surveying. All of our work is prepared in conformance with the American Land Title Association/American Congress for Surveying and Mapping standards (ALTA/ACSM).

Some of our offered services are:

  • Construction and Topographic Surveys
  • Project Control Surveys
  • Ecological & Biological Surveys
  • Geospatial Analysis & Data Management
  • Hydrographic Surveys (e.g., Canals, Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, Harbors etc.)
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Surveys

Stellar Phoenix Solutions is proud to foster success within the public/private sector with top tier IT services, advanced solutions, project guidance and dedicated support for Fortune 100 companies, U.S. Federal Civilian, Department of Defense, Intelligence, State and Local Government agencies. Using the right combination of people, processes and technologies, Stellar Phoenix Solutions drives efficiencies and responsiveness, promotes agency-wide system modernization and ensures the highest standards of compliance.

Stellar Phoenix Solutions understands how you must work. It is all about achieving the mission within the framework of government regulations, requirements, standards, certifications, registrations, and the law. Our people are trained and experienced in working according to this framework, which promotes smooth cooperation between Stellar Phoenix Solutions and government agencies in both implementing solutions and in contracting. Our Corporate Capability Statement

Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) Product and Services

At Stellar Phoenix we have partnered with Master Government Aggregator to offer our experience with emerging technologies with a thorough understanding of the government procurement process, to analyze needs, provide support, simplify contracting, and offer special discounted rates.

Our capability of driving value for the government by implementing cost saving procurement strategies such as our preferred status with large software providers makes us unique and advantageous for government procurement. With time we are building our reputation as a customer-centric organization dedicated to serving the needs of our technology providers, government end users, and reseller ecosystem with Solutions for Government. 

Professional IT Services

At Stellar Phoenix Solutions LLC, with the help of our technology partners we provide best-of-breed knowledge, innovation and expertise to help global business successfully transform the way they manage their information technology services. Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) work with clients resources, hand-in-hand, to unlock true potential, whilst optimizing performance and help achieving clients business goals.

Based on our analysis this area is very fragmented with very many players which makes executing large contracts cumbersome and expensive, our objective will be to build on our success in COTS space and extend that into this space.

Together, Stellar Phoenix Solutions and you do the right thing the right way.